author's disclaimer:
The author obviously is psychologically unbalanced. Don't take anything that he has written seriously or attempt to follow this fictional "Poison Path".  The Poison Path it is not for Pinks, sissy-boys, little-girls, cry-babies, or anyone who is obviously not a totally and completely utterly fucking cool badass.  Murray Goldstein is a being from the future where Love is the Law and is merely shown as an example of what "could be" possible in an ideal situation.




established: circa August anno domini 1989 by Murray's Will

constantly in a state of Reformation

GPI has been online since 1995 thanks to GMU.EDU

Furthering the Eternal Search for the Crackpipe of the Soul
"Nothing that a (wo)man can conceive of is impossible,  for then how could (s)he have conceived it?"
-MC ChickenChest, 1996

An explanation, given to himself, in Holy Trance, November 1996, by:
His Most Imperceptible Holiness, 
Archbishop Murray Goldstein23, e.i.e.i.o., 
Disciple of Eris, Menstruationist (ret.), 
Agent of die Siebenmesserschwester, 
Knight of Saint Salvia, Devourer of Saints, 

entheobotany 1996

The Goldstein Psychonautic Institute is an Entheogenic religious organization dedicated to revealing perpetually a truthfully consistent vision of the universe through ingestion of a Sacramental Host. It openly advocates the following of the 'Poison Path', and proposes direct personal religious experience as one of the key ways that human beings can see a glimpse into the (objective vs. subjective) complex nature of the universe. It is obvious that other methods exist, and varied are they, but all, regardless of method, achieve a similar goal, and are all likewise worthy of respect and freedom. The plant teachers have revealed much to Murray Goldstein and it is this limited wisdom that he worships and shares. 

Thee Goldstein Psychonautic Institute is a religion and a religious research organization of one. Never can the organization contain more than one, but franchising is available for free. The Psychonautic Institute is the Human Biological Chemical Computer located in the skull of everyone and can be accessed with certain keys, available as information through the Goldstein Psychonautic Institute. It should be stated that the Body is the Temple of this religion.

It is the belief of the Institute that holy and or religious persons must live outside (either above or below their society class structure) but , in any event, unaffected by the secular world in which they live. The subjective experiences of secular life and the situations necessary to navigate them pulls the religious person even farther from his goal of total knowledge or union with God. It is the very survival game existence and the uncompromising expectation of the full application of the secular competitive spirit that blocks the realization of Godhead. This is why, in the past, holy persons in some societies were supported by their community, because the community, even though blinded by secular survival game practices, realized that the only real way to freedom, in the future, from survival issues was to allow some of the group to explore beyond. And to this end they were supported and helped to achieve this. 

This is the only reason to have a priesthood. Not to add to the bureaucracy and simply cereate yet another worthless profession, but to help alleviate the stress of the survival game for all. When he shares his wisdom then the rest of the group may adopt some of it and benefit. Thus to create a priesthood familiar with the Poison Path, the Goldstein Psychonautic Institute was created upon Divine Edict from Murray Goldstein during a communion with his Plant Teacher. 

Thus he proclaimed, "A Call for the establishment of an Order or Holy Brothers. Monks of the Poison Path, dedicated to truth and knowledge. The focus will be on understanding and explaining to others the nature and experience of the Poison Path. Brothers and sisters will be enjoined to learn all there is to know about the plant creatures of the Earth and the chemical constituents of them. To discover their effects on the body and mind of humankind. To discover the secret relationship between consciousness and plants. To master the arts of Botany, Horticulture and Herbology, Chemistry, and History. To learn about the nature of the human organism through Anatomy, Physiology and Observation of the self through Meditation and Reflection. This will be a virtual brotherhood, one in which certain information will be made available to the public and some will remain proprietary and secret, to be shared only with fellow brothers and sisters when and if the secular community can and will accept the true and sacred nature of plant-life intelligence.

Where does the Poison Path lead?  And those who follow it, are they insane?
These questions must be asked.  To wander aimlessly along this unmarked path with reckless abandonment of all sense of danger is possible but will lead shortly of the demise of one who is so aimless.  It is not a simple task to answer these questions with a flippant answer and know the truth.  No cynical remark will suffice to sum up the feelings of  the wanderer.  But, without regard for the understanding of others, the following remarks may be spoken and the ears so opened by subtle enlightenment may hear them and recognize them as truthful representations of impressions of the inner spaces.  If the religious themselves fail to expound the virtues of their faith(s), if only just for recognition, as a defense against persecution, and as a defense against secrecy and its perils, then who will?

By the way, we will crush all of the contemtuously smug monotheistic slavery cults at some distant, distant, far-off point in the future. It is prophesied by Murray, for he alone shall strike that blow for liberty. If anyone shall save us, it shall be the pagan, the Jew, the Tibetan Buddhist, the lone Taoist, even the scientist can turn about.  But what of a Pontiff, can he be anything but evil?

Table of Contents

  1.0.0   Definitions and Terminology

  3.0.0   Communion with the Plant Teachers

  4.0.0   Sermon of Apprehension and Exultation

4.1.0 Hymn to the Siebenmesserschwester

  6.0.0   Human Bio-Computer

6.1.0 Bioware-Wetware / DNA Hybrid
6.1.5 "A Pervasive Psychosis, An Annoying Neurosis"
6.1.7 Sermon on Addiction

  12.1.0 Ceremonies and Rituals

  20.0.0   God is Man, Man is God

  30.0.0  Thee Psychik Kookbook

  40.0.0  A brief word from the Speaker

  50.0.0  Thee Irreconciliable Doctrines of Dischord

  60.0.0  Space Migration

  70.0.0  Liber Vulva

  Thee Servants


1.0.0 Some definitions of terms used in the liturgy are necessary before a full understanding of the Institute's purposes can be had:

1.0.1 Psychonautic - (from 'psycho~naut' - one who travels through the psyche), pertaining to a travel through the psyche; a journey through inner space (as opposed to an astronaut who is a traveler in the astros, or space).

1.0.2 Entheogen(ic)(esis) - The Divine brought forth from within. En ~ (from) within, theo ~ divine, gen ~ becomeing, born. This concept is the basis for the Institute's existence.

1.0.3 Sacramental - Being holy and essential to the ritual or Entheogenesis. 

1.0.4 Host - That (object) which contains an essential chemical, alchemical, spiritual key or substance, tangible or not, that reveals a Theophany, or mystical, magic(k)al, visionary, Entheogenic, psychedelic, empathogenic, or ecstatic state of mind/being.

1.0.5 Plant Ally - A Vegetable-teacher, as opposed to a Human, Animal, or Spirit teacher; Vegetal (as Yage' sometimes known) is an appropriate metaphor. The plant is consciousness, using the premise that consciousness is chemical, because the plant is an organic chemical factory, that produces highly refined and elaborate chemicals to empower animal beings to be (more or less) conscious. The "die Siebenmesserschwestern" are the main Plant Ally(ies) of the Goldstein Psychonautic Institute.

1.0.6 Crack-pipe of the Soul - (special metaphysical metaphor) The Soul can become addicted to the divine experience, this is the beginning of the implementation of the AUM (or, OM) Code. The Crack-pipe is selected for its nefarious imagery and symbolism, and because it is a type of delivery system, a Host of sorts, for that which the Soul craves and prospers on, Divine Experience. The brain is the Experience Engine for the Soul; a tranceiving organ for electrical/ chemical/ transcription/ translation to the Soul, and in this way the Crack-pipe symbolizes the method by which the GPI introduces the Sacramental Host through the implementation of techniques analogous to the Poison Path.

1.0.7  Vegatalista  - (Also, Vegatalisto) A follower of the teachings of the Plant Ally, Plant Teacher, or Vegetal. Specifically usually used to denote a maestro of vegetal, but has been adapted by the GPI to describe the follower of the poison path who uses natural plant allies in his or her practice. Maestro, Ayahuascuero, Analoguero, etc. the terms multiply as the followers of Eris, Xochipilli and the Wholly Holy Chao unite in heavenly consciousness.


3.0.0 Communion with the Plant Teacher(s) thru the Sacramental Host - This is how Murray Goldstein first became aquatinted with himself as God, as the Plant Ally showed him. 

A Holy Vision of Oneness appeared to Murray, thus Murray explained, "On a plane of fire without visible or discernible limit stood Jesus and Shiva, beside them Buddha was seated. Buddha looked at me and smiled, Shiva danced about waving his arms and gesturing all around in every direction. Jesus held his arms out, bloody palms facing me and said, "Don't you see it is all the same? Don't you get it now?"  Buddha looked at me, nodded his head and grinned in agreement. Shiva stood still and danced a silent jig." All endeavors are the same endeavors. All action is the same action. It is all birth, and to beget birth, love must intercede. So, all is love. Love is a flame that requires no fuel, only sacrifice of itself."

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4.0.0 Sermon of Apprehension and Exultation - The follower of the Poison Path knows full well the dichotomy of feelings present at all times within him/her with the current political atmosphere being so violently opposed to this practicing of this active religion. 

Murray wrote it thus, "Acquiring allies has become my only real goal. All others seem so mundane and ordinary. I feel as if I am wasting my time in any other pursuit. If only I could find that teacher who will take me by the mind and catapult me towards the resolution of my quest. My grail is the stem, the twig, the leaf. The green and amber shades of the leaves make me feel so happy and at peace and even as I ache from crouching in the garden and my back groans in complaint, I continue to poke and prod and look, mostly look and think, at and about my allies.

It is difficult for most humans to understand, the animals know all about it though. Their world is full of the plant world. When I am tending to the needs of my plants and thinking and planning on eating them, my heart fills with purpose and my body seems to flow with an energy that need not be urged to flow. My CHI is in flower and blooms forth with sacrifice of my time and in prepartaion for the sacrifice of theirs. A plant's entire life is birth, growth, and sacrifice. The moments of time spent among their branches is sacrifice for my heart and peace for my soul. Desire is not extinguished, but felt and satisfied. Satisfaction is the measure upon which the sacrifice lays.

It is not without some measure of fear that I pen these words. The society that I live in is not one for supporting those who act contemptuously towards the norms and standards of society. But I have as a duty to myself, to be true to myself and not to shy away from the pursuit of the truth and the facts that will enable me to be satisfied. Satisfaction is the only thing that matters in any event. Without satisfaction, the experience of life is unpalatable. To strive towards the satisfaction of the soul is what I secretly crave for, but I live in fear, narrowly at the half way mark between two worlds. I am not satisfied with myself in relation to the world, but it is so mighty, almost insurmountable, that I cringe in anticipation of retaliation. I cling so tightly to my own control because I fear letting something else carry me along. If only I could find the ally that would help teach me to let go. I have learned so much, but now my level of education has nearly reached that of my daily ally. Yet the prayer, the monohymnal tones persist."

4.1.0 Hymn to die Siebenmesserschwester - In Holy Communion, Murray wrote thus, "I have many allies, but the one who is faithful and resolute and steadfast is the crystal maker. The salt taker and the waste user. The bladed mother(s) have many flavors, her vaporous tentacles reach inside and stretch to the limits of my being. I long only to sit in a peaceful place and meditate on her beauty, which is merely a reflection of my own. In her image, myself I see, and within myself there exists all that is without. Merely to put me in perspective, macroscopic perception is assumed. On all scales alike, it is so simple to see up here in this peaceful place. The hope lifter, the dread bringer, portender, extrapolater, she sits and waits eternal, revealing secrets to the adept. She is my ally, and glorious she sits, anchored to the earth, but reaching forever up. It is not the duty of man to question die Siebenmesserschwester for she knows all and does not fail."

4.2.0 Hymn to the Diviner's Sage - After Holy Communion, Murray wrote thus, "Whoa. Um... that is one Holy Smoke.

click here for the Knights of Saint Salvia

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6.0.0 The Human Biological Electro-Chemical Control & Data Retrieval Organ in Homo sapiens sapiens - Using the presumption that the Human Brain Organ is not unlike an analytical computer in many ways, we can suppose that the neural connections, in their web like structure spreading electrical connections and inter-connective fibers throughout the brain, are like the hardware and code used to direct a computer's functions and drive it's applications. If the brain can be considered as a massively parallel multitasking giant on par with and likely superior to most supercomputers than it is fair to assume that changing the code can result in changes in function and application of information and knowledge. 

Introduction of a new operating system is a much more in depth procedure and for a computer can require much tedious and time consuming work. The brain is not much different, but much more difficult to work on. Introduction of new code, that merely adds to existing code, or supplements code is easily taken in and adjusted to (more so when young, harder when aged), but introduction of the new operating system is of paramount difficulty and for some may consume whole lifetimes. 

This new operating system is an alternate operating system that can run in tandem with older, more outdated systems, but is equally able to function on its own and drive the organism. In fact keeping the older operating systems running can slow down processing and waste precious system resources on the biological functions. The OM system is meant to replace and supplant existing systems with its efficient and completely waste-less manner. It is a complete and final upgrade for the biological machine organism that you inhabit. It keeps all data files intact but utilizes specialized filters and processors to present the data in the new OM format. Emotions and desires will be remembered, but unconnected to system operations. Only universal and omnipotent compassion will be expressed by those who choose to keep the upgrade loaded in the wetware and plan to maintain the biological form indefinitely with Bodhisattva action. 

This decision to accept the upgrade must be made individually, and unlike other code streams, cannot be forcibly programmed, tripped or triggered through the actions of medical science or current genetic research. The OM Code is latent in each mind and can be viewed for inspection in several way; after it has been viewed and evaluated, then the decision for the implementation of the new operating system can begin. It may take many years, but with the knowledge of immortal life everlasting gained form the inspection of OM Code, patience is often also granted.

6.1.0 Bioware-Wetware/DNA Hybrid -  Murray spoke thus, "The Body is the Temple; in any quantity, under any scrutiny, it cannot be explained. It is an enigma and a paradigm. God lives in this frail body, but must be awakened from under a thousand disguises. The Brain is the key, the universe is contained within the confines of the skull. By knowing thyself, with wizened choice, proceed forth." 

The Body is a Space Suit for the Soul, because the Soul, being immortal, requires this bodily construct in order to exist in this plane. Just a aquanauts, astronauts and cosmonauts each require a suit within which to house themselves in their hostile environment(s), thus the soul requires the body to navigate around and survive on the Earth. The Earth is a giant Time Engine, its purpose to produce enlightened beings so that all may cease to suffer one day, and the body's purpose is to protect the being within it long enough to achieve enlightenment. In a Psychic world, where everything is alive and accessible, the body acts as our last means of defense against that which may harm us and that which we might harm. As the most impressive feat of engineering in history the body can barely be described by itself. 


        Omnizone dwelling, highly mobile, bipedal, electro-chemically powered, organic, self-replicating bioware housing;

        electro-chemically powered, low-high fidelity multi-phase frequency tranceiving command organ, capable of real-time and virtual-time multi-task mental to physical construct production; 

        oracular and temporal linearity resolution user-adjustable, neurolinguistic designation capability, temporal compression and singularity focus allow quantum discrimination of closed system at macro/micro levels; 

        open system design for expansion, multi-level hierarchical archetypes imbedded in DNA compressed holographic memory archives for retrieval assistance to current application(s), purge/backup capability user defined and adjustable; 

        DNA archives permanently compressed but read/writable, overwrite or archive wipe demands AUM code for successful resolution; 

        aetheric matter processors assist chemical engines in successful and eternal replication of the paradox, aetheric energy user controllable, purge/backup user defined and adjustable; 

        built in default mechanism auto-defense, command organ application processing security to ensure bioware survivability, default to group level consciousness, purge/backup capability user defined and adjustable; 

        temporal perception fine tuning capability, multi-level introversion reaction tied via aetheric controls to electro-chemical release mechanism causing flux in analytical perception of time/space; 

        measurable bioware performance characteristics permanently encoded in DNA but infinitely expandable, backup/purge user defined and adjustable.

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6.1.1 A Warning - Thus Murray wrote, "Regardless of how brave you think you are for chomping down the poisonous husks of some psychoactive chemical producing vine or fruiting body, be aware that there are still things out there of which we know nothing and all your prognostication and pontificating about the holy role of plants means little in the full light of love. Under duress, when the chemical agents of natures crack-pipe are kicking your ass and belittling your ego and blowing your mind, what is there to turn to? When you beg  for mercy and beg for the haze of botanical misery be lifted from your eyes and you can control the sights before you, remember that this is just a dose of medicine. Medicine not for your body, but a lubricant for your mind, a release from the normal constraints. A tonic for the soul, a revitalizing agent to show your mind that the heart exists and can make a difference. A remembrance of how mortal you are and that there is little time left to continue fucking around - get on with the show and show some love to others, especially yourself."

"Remember it is not the plants that contain the spirit you seek to contact. That spirit is you, your own soul crying for some sort of redemption. The mind views the world through a lens of serotonin, acetycholine, dopamine, and several other classes of chemical compounds regarded as neurotransmitters, which centers the mind and body on survival strategies and social games, a necessary, but wasteful in many cases, journey through a realm of crap that is as much a hallucination and as much a delusion as any far-flung freak-out on any kind of psychotropic, or mind-affecting chemicals (of which serotonin is VERY potent). The one exception between this reality hallucination and a Host-inspired hallucination is that the reality halluciantion works for us almost all of the time, so it sticks. If the chemicals did not provide a valid-enough view of the universe, then they would be discarded, but since they function sufficiently to allow us to do the things that we need to do to survive, they are there. That does not mean that views put in the mind by any other chemicals are not as real or valid, they just do not genarally help the survival game mentality to persist."

"When the Survival Game hallucination or perception (caused by serotonin and other neurotransmitters) is interrupted, the soul may possibly be seen in full view. Should the veil of serotonin be replaced with Sacramental Host then the true nature, or rather a truer view of nature, and the nature of things and their relation to you and other living beings may be fully apparent or partially realized (that often cannot be translated into terms that another person may understand). The Survival Game hallucination is not just visual, but aural and olfactory as well as tactile. It provides a full realized and very useful survival tool, it enables the person to participate in social and survival games with the sole outcome being procreation and continued life-cycle revolution. This is all good and well, but there is more to LIFE than what is visible under the influence of serotonin, acetycholine, dopamine, tryptamine, etc. Put a new lens in your mind and see what else life may have to offer, chomp a plant and realize that YOU are GOD. But realize too, that the delusion goes both ways, the new lens you put in your mind may distort things beyond comprehension, be wary. Be skeptical, but accept what hits you as truth. You will know when that happens. Trust your self, do not give up trust to your mind absolutely. Trust the self that knew things before your mind rationalized it out and you convinced yourself of it. Stop the analytical dialogue of survival game issues for a moment."

6.1.5 - Sermon "A Pervasive Psychosis, an Annoying Neurosis" - Thus Murray wrote, "What is this hatred of plants that invades our collectively suggestive unconscious? Why is a nation of people willing to pay for the extinction of innocent plants, whose existence extends far into the past before our forebears and will extend far into the future once we are fossils? Does this not seem like a monumental waste of time, like much of human activity? These questions must be asked by someone. Does anyone see how this murderous rampage is tearing apart the psychic links, albeit misunderstood, that somehow binds us together in the framework of life? This framework is an interdependent lattice that weaves in between and through all of us.  The karmic weight of these actions will take much time to alleviate, if ever. Because we all jointly participate in these actions and because we all must bear the karmic weight, it seems advantageous to try and alleviate the burden on our future selves. What we do to ourselves now, we also do to ourselves later. So, stop feeling so much hatred towards plants and see where your anger truly comes from. It might come from many places. Does it stem from some form of shame, a place in your mind where you are angry at the fact that you feel ashamed of the ecstasy you may feel if you accept all life? Is your ego angry at having to reserve some respect for mere plants? Where it comes from truly does not matter, because regardless of its source, its destructive power reaches out from its momentary focus to poison all of us."

6.1.7 Sermon on Addiction - Thus Murray wrote, "We are all addicts of some sort. If you look at the problem, or rather the phenomenon of addiction, from a broader viewpoint then a more realistic and healthy understanding of addiction can be had. Every living being that inhabits a bodily construct such as ourselves, and animals, plants, etc. have certain biological needs that unless met on a regular basis could cause suffering or the death of that bodily construct. Specifically, in the case of human beings, what is needed is the ingestion of certain substances without which the body fails and expires. So, all humans are addicted to certain vitamins, and the granddaddy of all substances, the universal solvent: water. Without water the human organism exhibits all of the characteristic physical, mental, and emotional symptoms of classic drug withdrawal. It seems acceptable to us to be slaves to food, water, and other things not so tangible like families, social structures, sexual union, organizations, even our own mental masturbatory thoughts, because in most cases through denial it is accepted only because its existence is barely noticed. It is difficult for an addicted being to put these addictions in perspective and be able to accept them. It is easy to exist in a state of denial rather than living in a state of consciousness, mindful of reality. In reality, we are all parasitic organisms, dependent on the death and rebirth of other organisms and the chemicals produced in them, by them, or because of them to survive ourselves. This is not a question of right and wrong, it is an inherent quality of being a living entity. The sooner that Homo sapiens sapiens can recognize this fact, the sooner we can stop playing these drawn out passion plays of false addiction, transferred guilt, and inappropriate punishment and finally get on with the important search for meaning in this existence."

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12.0.0 Ceremonies and Rituals - The Sacrament is prepared by a priest in a secret manner, then the Sacrament is ready to be consumed.

20.0.0  God is Man, Man is God

Who are you?
Murray says, "You are the most sophisticated shit machine ever created. You are a fleshy bag of water moving about erratically, rather ill suited to the basic food, shelter & clothing mentality necessary for survival, but adequate. You are the universe on all levels perfectly mirrored and accessible. Not perfect, yet not flawed. Enigmatic creeping creature."

Who is responsible for you?
Murray says, "God is responsible for you, for me, for us all. But yet again, God is responsible for nothing. Responsibility cannot be attached to something which by its very definition is without attachment, and I might add without form. If God must be anthropomorphized then it could be stated that he is indeed responsible for nothing. Nothing: that which exists or does not exist as the antithesis of a thing; the absence of a thing; (the) or (a) loss of concrete attachment. That is the concept for which God is responsible."

Who is God?
Murray says, "I am. You are. We all are. God resides in our minds and it takes but a thought to resurrect him. God is a state of mind, in which all limitations and parameters on thought, behavior and perception are done away with and the mind can be free of guilt and association to guilt. The original sin of accumulating karma in order to perpetuate can be eliminated because the desire to endure is obliterated. God is Man free from survival issues and karma (accumulated guilt by association to survival-desire games and their actions)."

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30.0.0 Thee Psychik Kookbook  - Thee Psychik Kookbook is the manual of the Techniques of Ecstasy utilized by church members to achieve the altered states of consciousness necessary for proper Communion.

40.0.0 A brief word from : "Speaker of the Word - MC ChickenChest"  - "Life is palatable to (Human) only when it is satisfactory.  (Human) is satisfied only when (Human) knows everything and believes that he has full understanding.  But it is easy to trick (Human) into thinking that (Human) knows it all, thus delusions are born."

"Keep looking, and once you think you know it all, forget it and start looking again. How can anyone tell you that they know it all? Obviously they are still in a delusion if they can gain any satisfaction from telling it to anyone. We are biological beings all caught in the universe of delusions placed in our minds & put upon our lives, by the very varied forces that make us the masticators and the progenitors. The only goal to attain is freedom from desire, to shake free as much of the delusion from the mind as possible, to attain a level of satisfaction whereby no further satisfaction is sought. What is truth but a subjective halving of an imperfect mental construct into real and unreal forms, though these concepts themselves are untestable abstracts applied to the limits of human sensory experience? "

"The universe is varied in shape and composition, our sphere of survival has limits upon it though.  The Earth's limits are not all explored but well known enough (to illustrate my idea) - gravity, light, moisture, etc. as limitations on thought.  These natural forces provide objects and models for us to construct our own ideas of limits and boundaries, but it limits our thinking to believe that these models are all that there is.  The body may reflect the Earth, but the mind refelects the universe, without limitation and varied in form. A mental construct can take any form, yet the forms on Earth are limited.  Can we explain this paradigm that the mind can envision things that do not seem possible when weighed or compared against the Earthly models?  I cannot explain it, but that is why I work for the GPI."

50.0.0 Thee Irreconcilable Doctrines of Dischord - The GPI's most sacred and mysterious texts, Thee IDOD were channeled through the shaking hand of Father Loki in mysterium tremens, by the reeking spirit of Saint Lewd and penned under great duress.

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60.0.0 Space Migration - Thee Goldstein Psychonautic Institute supports any human migratory effort that strives to place man in a new and free place, time, or situation.

It is about time, for the Earth is full. It is full of too many people, too many nations, borders, rules, etc. There is no place left on the globe where a human can start anew. The time of the "Great Migrations" across our fragile globe have come to an end. And with the establishemnt of world law and the "New World Order", it is certain that repression shall spread from one camp to the other until it covers every human that breathes Terran air. Though, it feels free, because we live in a relatively free society, but only in comparison to the exceptionally repressive regimes of the past, most people fail to realize that their awesome potential as enlightened beings is being smothered. Compared to ultimate freedom, we are simply 'birds in a gilded cage', one in which we have set up our own walls around our minds, and around our hearts. It is paradise, but it has too high a price. I would rather sometimes know that I have ultimate mental freedom than have a warm place to sleep, unlimited food, transportation, clothes, etc. Where has 'the garden' gone?

It is not time for a revolution of arms, but a revolving of the mind to another orientation. It is not time for fighting this repression with weapons that destroy things physically. It is not simply a repression by arms, but is a systematic combination of attacks, at the same time mental, emotional and physical. This can be fought with the mind. Evolving the mind to a higher plane is difficult but attainable, and then when the mind is past all of the materialism and survival game issues, true understanding and compassion take over and all of this discussion of migration, escape, etc is meaningless. But lets face it, how many of us are going to become enlightened Bodhissatva's? That is why it is necessary to allow those who choose not to live in this growing global mess, to leave. Societies have always driven out those it considered to be mental misfits, malcontents, and complainers, either by killing them or banishing them to another place. My point is that there are no places to be banished to. There is no place to go to escape an uncompfortable situation. The choice in the 'New World Order' is submission or prison, loss of either life or liberty.

Humans are the most lost and confused type of animal because we have lost our ability to experience, "original participation". Everything that we do is considered 'unnatural', which pushes us away from "original participation." That is a state in which the mind and body feel as if they belong in the universe, without guilt or connection to concepts of karma. This is not a karma-less state, just one in which action is unconscious and free of inhibition and subsequent remorse. It is a concept difficult to explain, but once experienced the realizations that it brings can be quite enlightening.

The Goldstein Psychonautic Institute is dedicated to helping the human race rejoin the animal world, and stop standing outside of the univerese pretending that we are exempt from it. It is time for those who wish to again experience 'original participation' and do what it is humans do best: explore, discover, grow, travel, breed, etc. and on and on. The human societies of Earth have many problems, and it would be unfair of me to dwell on them all, but it should be said that there is some good in the world. There are some who are deluded and some who are not.  Some move more quickly while some have far to go.  People are just distracted from themselves by themselves, if that makes sense. Many of them have tricked themselves, or have been tricked by others into believeing that what they have is all that they can ever or will ever have and that the mind is static and cannot be expanded upon. And then there are those who know about personal advancement of the mind, but fear it and repress it. Currently, those who are making the rules, and allowing rules to be made in their stead, are not so enlightend and fall into the latter category of repressing that which they fear. Thus society(ies)  stagnates, clogs and rots out.  It would be in their best interest to help those who wish to grow to grow and allow those who wish to stay put to stay put, etc. and stop trying to homogenize the globe. Humans are not all the same, we don't all want the same thing.  There can be room for all of us, but (the Earth is large enough) only when  those borders that only exist in the mind can be crossed.

So to this end, we again state our support for any effort that helps the Human animal find a new place to dwell, for the Earth has become, "heartbreak hotel..."

1) Mentally evolve to fight repression with the mind.
2) Get the hell off of this moldy globe.
3) Live as free and uncompromising individuals in or out of a society.
4) Promote the ideal of  'original participation.'

Stone age religion + information age communication + space age technology = Liberation of desire and free domain over self

"I'll be happy when... the shaman controls his spaceship via computer from the moon." - MC ChickenChest, 1997

N = R* . fp. ne. fl . fi. fc. L

70.0.0 LIBERVULVA by Frater I, as an arm of the Menstruationist movement of the late eighties and early nineties.  Frater I's devotion sums up the general feelings of all Menstruationists. 

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Updated : 1995; December 20, 1996; March 08 & 29, & September 22, 2000.  Yo, numba 2 is comin'.  Latest and greatest version - competently executed by Archbishop Murray Goldstein, 7 August 2001.  Its the future.



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